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02/05/2018West Cork T&F Even Championships 2018
17/04/2018West Cork Track and Field 2018
19/05/2017West Muskerry Open Sports 2017
19/05/2017County T & F CIT Cork 2017
17/03/2017All Ireland Cross Country 2017
17/03/2017Celtic International 2017
13/12/2016All Ireland Uneven Ages CC 2016
5/12/2016Munster B Cross Country 2016
28/11/2016All Ireland Even Age 2016 + Gear Bag Sponsorship
13/11/2016Munster uneven Ages CC 2016
7/11/2016County Masters and Novice B 2016
23/10/2016Munster Even Ages CC Championships 2016
16/10/2016County B CC Championships 2016
11/10/2016County Junior + Juvenile Cork CC Championships 2016
3/10/2016Country Championships 2016
13/6/2016West Cork League 2016
6/6/2016Courseys Sports + Cork Marathon 2016
30/5/2016Report for Paper - Munster U 12 + U13 2016
22/5/2016Report for Paper County B Track and Field 2016
16/5/2016Report for Paper - County Day 2 2016
1/5/2016County Championships Day 1 2016
4/4/2016Report for Paper West Cork T and F
4/4/2016Report for paper re fundraiser
15/3/2016Aoife's Fun Run
8/2/2016All Ireland U 23 + Munster Junior + Inter County Relays 2016
25/1/2016All Ireland B CC + Masters Indoor Race 2016
10/3/2016Fundraiser for Aoife Lucey
7/12/2015All Ireland Uneven Ages Cross Country 2015
29/11/2015Munster B Cross Country 2015
22/11/2015All Ireland Even Ages Cross Country 2015
13/11/2015Munster Uneven Ages Cross Country 2015
2/11/2015Junior and Master County A and B CC 2015
27/10/2015Munster Even Ages Cross Country 2015
11/10/2015County Uneven Ages Cross Country 2015
4/10/2015County Even Ages Cross Country 2015
21/9/2015West Cork Cross Country 2015
9/8/2015All Ireland Senior Track and Field 2015
27/7/2015Mini-Marathons 2015
24/7/2015Munster B Track and Field 2015
12/7/2015ALl Ireland Juveniles Track and Field 2015
5/7/2015ALl Ireland Junior Track and Field 2015
15/6/2015Munster Track And Field 2015
1/6/2015County B Track And Field 2015
25/5/2015Courseys Sports 2015 and Fun Sports Evening
10/5/2015County Relays 2015
3/5/2015County Track and Field Even Ages 2015
1/5/2015[NOTICE] West Muskerry Fun Sports Evening 2015
25/4/2015West Cork Even Ages Track And Field 2015
12/4/2015West Cork Uneven Ages Track And Field 2015
14/3/2015[NOTICE] West Muskerry AC Party Night 2015
8/2/2015All Ireland B Cross Country Championships
18/1/2015Master Indoor Munster Championships
7/12/2014All Ireland Uneven Ages Cross Country
1/12/2014Munster B Cross Country
24/11/2014All Ireland Even Ages Cross Country
9/11/2014Munster Uneven Ages Cross Country
2/11/2014Cork Junior Cross Country
27/10/2014Munster Even Ages
12/10/2014County Uneven Ages
5/10/2014County Even Ages
29/9/2014West Cork CC

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